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We are fortunate to be blessed with musical talent in our parish: we have the privilege of regularly enjoying the music provided by Francis Bostrom, David Shippey, John Bryden and Alan Bookham on the organ, and beautiful voices of Lissa Kinsey and the members of our former choir, as well the rising talents of some of our young people like Christopher and Catherine. There are others too, whom we do not hear regularly, or who have hidden talents. We hope that in the coming year, we can begin to tap those talents, encourage and promote them, both socially in our Parish and School and within the Liturgy. With the exception of one or two, none of us are experts, but enjoy making music. If you feel the same way, you may like to come along to the events given below—the beginning a more sustained programme in the coming academic year. Please consider especially joining us for a day of music and fun on 17th September, a day which will be relaxed and may be even have a challenge or two. We will be joined by John Glynn, well-known composer and musician as well as our regular team.

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